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About PEP

PEP-Web is a digital archive of many of the major works of psychoanalysis. The 2020 release of PEP-Web contains the complete text and illustrations of 78 premier journals in psychoanalysis, 100 classic psychoanalytic books, and the full text and Editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud as well as the 19 volume German Freud Standard Edition Gesammelte Werke. It spans over 149 publication years and contains the full text of articles whose source ranges from 1871 through 2020*.

 * With the exception of embargoed journals.

 Visit pep-web.org to learn more.

Subscription Process

A yearly subscription is available to AAPCSW members at the discounted price listed below. Please read the Terms and Conditions below set by PEP Web.

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First-Time PEP Subscribers Only

If you pay before January 1, your PEP Subscription starts in February. If you miss the Janaury payment, you must take the next available subscription offering, etc.

Fee Pay by Subscription Period
$80 January 1 Feb. 1 - Jan. 31
$70 April 1 May 1 - Jan. 31
$50 July 1 Aug. 1 - Jan. 31
$20 October 1 Nov. 1 - Jan. 31

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NOTE: The PEP renewal form is only available from October 2nd - January 1st of each year. Thank you.

Current PEP Subscribers

Flat Fee Pay by Subscription Period
$80 January 1 Feb. 1 - Jan. 31

Terms and Conditions

  • Must be a current AAPCSW Member.
  • All subscriptions expire on January 31st each year no matter when your subscription starts.
  • First time subscribers have four initial opportunities to subscribe. Please see above Fee Schedule.
  • Note: After the first subscription payment, the renewal fee is $80 and must be received by January 1st of the new year or your subscription will be suspended. These payment terms are enforced by the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing, Inc. (PEP).
  • Please know that PEP wants subscriber continuity. To that end, late renewals will carry an additional charge of $31. PEP does not allow subscribers to opt out one year and rejoin the next unless the person is willing to pay a $311 fee plus the annual fee.

FAQ: PEP subscribers will receive renewal reminders by email.

Mail-in Form

PDF Download: PEP Subscription Form

If using the mail-in form, please make check payable to NIPER and send with form to:

Barbara L Matos, MS
Administrator AAPCSW
P.O. Box 67
Boonsboro, MD 21713