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Area Programs & Workshops 2017

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Call For Papers for 2019 AAPCSW Conference

Submission Deadline March 10, 2018

Download the 2019 Conference Guidelines:
Intrigue, Insight, Inquiry: Through Today's Psychoanalytic Lens
Dates: March 28-31, 2019
Location: Durham Marriott City Center/Durham Convention Center, Durham, NC

Past Events

June 2-3

PDM-2 Conference *

New York, NY | PDM-2 Conference at the New School for Social Research. AAPCSW is part of the PDM-2 Sponsoring Organizations.
PDM-2 Conference Program

Free Admission. Register names and emails by emailing: pdm2editors@gmail.com

* Affiliations: The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM-2)
Editors: Vittorio Lingiardi and Nancy McWilliams.
The PDM-2 will be published in May/June 2017 by the Guilford Press.