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AAPCSW Newsletter

Freud is Dead—Long Live Freud!
A Note from the Co-Presidents

Daniel Buccino, MSW, LCSW-C, BCD &
Teresa Méndez, MSW, LCSW-C

“Freud is still dead, but psychoanalysis may be experiencing a rebirth.” So proclaimed the opening line of a New York Times story covering the American Psychoanalytic Association's annual meeting last year. The story goes on to introduce a twenty-five-year-old MSW student, just one of the meeting's 1,600 attendees. For more than one hundred years, despite the dreary pop culture drumbeat that psychoanalysis is doomed or dead—killed off by medications, so called evidence-based practices, or the economy—the reports of its death are, as Mark Twain might have quipped, greatly exaggerated. As one might also infer from the Times's opening vignette, were it not for social workers—as therapists, analysts, patients, supervisors, supervisees, and students—psychoanalysis may not have survived at all.

From Bertha Pappenheim, or Anna O., whose instrumental role in the development of the “talking cure” was credited by Freud himself (in 1895 he called her the “actual founder of the psychoanalytic approach”) and who went on to become a prominent social worker and activist, to the social work student featured in the 2018 New York Times piece, we would suggest that psychoanalysis began in conversation with a social worker and that the future of psychoanalysis remains intimately connected to social workers. This lineage is something for our membership to be proud of.

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2021 Call for Papers
A Time to Think, A Time to Act:
Caring about the Known and the Unknown

[ March 11-14, 2021, Philadelphia, PA. ]

2021 Call for Papers Guidelines [ Deadline March 10, 2020 ]

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We are pleased to announce that the Psychoanalytic Social Work Journal is now an official journal of AAPCSW, as of Volume 26, #1 January-June 2019.

AAPCSW Members will receive the print edition and have online access to Psychoanalytic Social Work, a peer-reviewed journal employing a double-blind review process contains highly informative and stimulating articles relevant to the practice of psychoanalytic social work.

In addition, AAPCSW membership will have access to the online Journal of Social Work Practice - Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community.

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The 2019 AAPCSW Recipients for
Lifetime Achievement & Clinical Writing Awards

Cathy Siebold - Lifetime Achievement Award
Heather Craige - Lifetime Achievement Award
Joan Berzoff - Professional Clinical Writing Award
Susan Sherman - Selma Fraiberg Award

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— Preserving Parity and Long Term Treatment


Renee Goldman (1927 - 2019)
Susan Eder, MD (1957 - 2019)
Gerald Schamess, MSS (1934 - 2019)
Allen Bergson, Ph.D, LCSW (1933 - 2019)