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Susan Eder, MD (1957 - 2019)

Posted July 26, 2019
In honor of Susan Eder, MD. September 30, 1957 - June 4, 2019.

Link to obituary

* Link to Susan Eder’s paper
Off the Couch and Into the Streets: The Case for Social Activism”, Smith College Studies in Social Work, 2015 (full text available for a couple of months as of 7/26/19) https://tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00377317.2015.1095022

This email brings you sad news of the passing of our colleague, Susan Eder, MD. Here is the note we received from Don Rosenblitt with whom she worked for many years as a child psychiatrist at the Lucy Daniels Center in Cary, NC.
~ Heather Craige

Susan Eder died peacefully Tuesday evening at home, with her husband, two sons, and brother and sister at her side, almost eleven years after a stage four melanoma was first discovered. Susan was a valued colleague for us all, and those of us who worked with her knew of her talent, dedication, and creativity with her patients. She was a beloved friend to so many of us. Her zest for life and relationships was something to behold. She was deeply devoted to her family, and passionate about promoting social justice. Our thoughts are with her husband Jon, her sons Sam (Aly) and Max (Jen), her sister Rebecca and her brother Michael. The funeral will be held Thursday, June 6, 2:00 pm Beth Meyer Synagogue, 504 Newton Road in Raleigh, NC.
~ Don Rosenblitt, MD

Susan was an active member of the North Carolina psychoanalytic community. Concurrently, she was also a member of AAPCSW for many years. We were privileged to have her involved with us regionally and at our national conferences as a presenter and moderator. She had an affinity with social work as her mother and one of her sons are social workers. She was also a social activist. At our 2015 national conference The Art of Listening, she presented on "Off the Couch and Into the Streets: The Case for Social Activism." [*See link to article.] Despite her failing health, she didn't want to miss our conference Intrigue, Insight, Inquiry in March in Durham, so she came to a session. She will be sorely missed. In sympathy with her family, colleagues, and friends --
~ Penny Rosen

Thank you, Heather and Penny, for sharing these lovely tributes to Susan Eder whom I knew as a wonderful person and good friend. I could not have said them any better. I want to add that she was a truly inspirational woman who worked with the Reverend Barber and started the Moral Monday White Coats in North Carolina to challenge the oppressive changes that the state legislature initiated after they won a controlling majority. Susan was unafraid to be arrested, to speak in front of large crowds to motivate others to work for change, and spent many, many hours giving of her time and energy to move those in power to hear and listen to the experience of those less fortunate. She bravely spoke out for social justice, and I am proud to have known her. With sincerest sympathy to all of us who knew her and admired her.
~ Susan Bokor Nadas

I had the privilege of being a co-presenter with Dr. Eder at the 2015 conference Penny mentioned. Susan was a true inspiration. She really put herself on the line with her political activism and advocacy. She truly took psychoanalysis off the couch and into the streets in her involvement with "Moral Mondays" where she joined other activists at the Capitol of NC every week, advocating for civil rights and change in social systems that perpetuate the injustice of racism. Though I had only a short time to know Susan, it was evident she was a prophet in our midst.
~ Bill Etnyre

Being from Boston, I did not have the privilege of working with Susan or watching her in action - my loss. I learned from observing her and hearing through some of her colleagues how truly exceptional she was. I came to really look forward to seeing her -- with that devilish twinkle in her eye -- at conferences and sharing dinner and cocktails. I found Susan warm, a very good listener, funny, and one of those rare people who can put you at ease. I send my condolences to all of those who loved and cared about her. What a loss.
~ Elizabeth A. Corpt

I am so, so sorry to hear about Susan. I had some wonderful interactions with her, and was always so impressed with her incredible intelligence, kindness, thoughtfulness, and insight. All my sympathy to her family and friends and echoing Susan Bokor Nada, to all of us who knew and admired her.
~ Diane Barth

I feel very fortunate to have come into my professional career with Susan as one of my mentors. When I began my private practice, Susan provided excellent supervision. Her guidance and perspective calmed the anxious nerves of a young clinician while also sharpening my skill set. This evening I looked through my notes from my conversations with her and was reminded of all the gems she shared. "Taking the long-term perspective" and "letting things unfold," have helped create a more patient, compassionate and perceptive clinician. While I can only speak from my experience, I have a strong feeling there are many others who grew from her mentoring as well. We all get to carry some of her with us and in doing so she will continue to enrich our profession and our communities. With sympathy and warmth to her family, friends, colleagues and all who blossomed under her guidance.
~ Sophie Rudisill